Get to Know: Anjulie Patel - VP of Partnerships

Here at Nucleus365 we are starting a new series so you can get to know some of our team members. Take a read below as we discuss our company culture, diversity in the workplace and the future of the payments industry.

What is your role at Nucleus365?

I am the VP of Partnerships.

What does your average day look like at Nucleus365?

My average day varies from connecting to suppliers/vendors and banking providers who can help us increase our offering to end-user clients as well as sourcing and onboarding referral partners who have a network of contacts/clients that would benefit from our suite of services, to attending conferences and networking events to generate business opportunities.

How did you get into the payments sector?

I was working for an escrow company in Dubai back in 2009 and the director of an FX company came in to pitch their services to us, we got on well and she had a role she thought I would be great for. She invited me to spend the day in the office with her team and get an insight into the world of FX and international payments, which peaked my interest and led me to starting on a new career path. I’ve had an incredible journey so far and still have lots to experience and learn in the ever evolving world of payments.

Can you tell us about your experience as a woman in tech?

Being a woman in tech or finance is challenging as both are such heavy male dominated industries. As a junior coming in to the space there were and still are a lack of female role models to learn from, to be inspired by or to help define our careers, it shows we are undervalued and not taken as seriously but I am pleased to see steps being taken to make a change and close the gender diversity gap. It’s great seeing more companies recruiting women in C-suite or other senior positions and more female founders being celebrated; but there is still a long way to go to. Breaking down these barriers is a positive move and opens doors for us to make a difference and a positive impact in the tech or finance space.

What excites you most about the the payments sector and your work?

The thing that excites me about working in the payment sector is how innovative the space is, there are so many new and wonderful alternative payment methods. The amount of funding within this space doesn’t seem to be slowing down which only means  that there is still so much more potential to grow, to innovate and to diversify. Being part of a young, forward thinking and ambitious business like Nucleus365 gives me the opportunity to extend new and groundbreaking products and services to our clients through the relationships I build, knowing I am making a difference that benefits the businesses and merchants we work with.

What trends do you see emerging in the next few years in the payments industry?

The payments space is evolving with real-time payment technology, increased payout methods, the popularity of cryptocurrencies, and the need for faster payments. Embedded finance will continue to evolve and become increasingly popular and seen as a requirement by consumers due to the ease and convenience of the payment process. Digital remittances and services to help bank the unbanked will grow and become easier to access, increasing the number of cross border transfers.  I also think BNPL companies like Klarna will introduce new products with the view of targeting more businesses/corporates. 

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